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Competition time!‬


Many congratulations to Croft Architecture ( on guessing the name ‘Oreo’ - you were correct 🦍👊🏼


We wanted to provide a little fun to everyone, so here we go ...

‪This little chap turned up at the office, believe it or not. He thought we may be able to train him up!; we’re not sure why he would think that? do you?!

So we’re going to be sending him packing, as to be honest he’s eating way too much, and we don’t think he’ll make it as an unmanned vehicle remote pilot.

So to be in for a chance to home him;

  • Like, share/retweet

  • Follow our social media account(s)

  • Don't forget to mention/tag our social media account in your reply! or your entry could be missed; we can’t have that can we!

  • Guess and post back with his real name from the list below

  • Use the hashtag #gorillapilot when replying

So, what could his real name be?






Please note: this is being run on twitter, Instagram & facebook; only one entry per person, per social media platform, so to max your chance of winning, use all social media platforms.

Competition will run until 31st May at 23:59 and a random winner will be announced as soon as all entries verified.

Best if luck; don‘t worry, you’ll be fine, don’t think he bites!

‪Lastly, many thanks to Tanya Warren (twitter handle ‪@Tanyawarren) for your creation.

*No animals were harmed during the making of this competition.

As the amazing singer Jessie J sings, "It’s all about the Money (shot) ..."

OK, so she didn’t, but the point is that using unmanned vehicle camera systems isn’t just about getting a ’Money shot’; yes, fine, they can be used for this purpose and we offer services that can be used to provide imagery for marketing materials, inc. architecture competitions, landscapes for product awareness, and filming for specific, bespoke broadcast. We even process imagery, both stills and film and can provide a finished article, with a stylisation to boot if you’re that way inclined.

For us though, all imagery is just ‘another dataset’ and of course “Money shots“ are one which many people are familiar with, as it’s in front of us all the time, and it’s all something we can relate to. But it's more than that, it's all about the quality ...

There are many other applications and use cases that go unnoticed to many, from using imagery to count cauliflowers in lush vegetation fields, to measuring material stockpiles on commercial sites; they’re all valuable datasets to sector specific customers, and they ensure efficiency is being met and discrepancies are noted etc. in these areas.

So, from our point of view, understanding exactly what data is to be collected for our clients is absolutely key. Armed with this, we can ensure that we collect data as cleanly as possible, process it, and make sure that it is displayed in such a way, the client can make use of it, in order to recognise the cost savings and workflow efficiencies it provides.

So, you see Jessie, it's actually all about the 'Quality shot'!

Next time you take a Money shot, have a think about what it means to you and what it may mean for someone else.

Stay safe out there!


We posted an initial comms with regard to operating currently, which you can find here;

The general landscape has changed a fair amount since this initial comms and so we thought we should post an update.

We’ve continued to review our operating procedures to ensure we protect all when ‘on site’ and are still in many cases, able to complete operations, as long as site access is available and we can complete within the government guidelines.

We will continue to review the daily advice given from government and in the case of aerial work, from our regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, to see how we can fulfil our client needs safely and legally.

If you need anything at the moment we’d be pleased to take a look at it with you and see how we can help. Some applications of drone use may well be easier currently than under ‘normal circumstances’, and it could as simple as you want to ’get eyes’ on a facility you’ve not been able to see for a while.

Keep safe out there.


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