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Every enquiry and booking is dealt with, in strictest of confidence and any contact details, or any information in relation to our clients will not be passed on to, or discussed with any 3rd party without their knowledge and permission

We will only hold information on clients or prospective clients we wish to contact for future service offerings and to keep you up to date with what we're up to etc. however, if you know we currently hold data that relates to you and wish us not to process or retain it any longer, please contact us at and we'll ensure we delete any such held information

You will find our registration on the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website search and can download our Data Protection Registration Certificate by clicking this link

If you've found your way to this page by mistake, we're very sorry ... use one of the above links to somewhere more interesting! and whilst we're talking about confidence ... whatever you do today, do it with all the confidence of a 4 year old in a Batman outfit!!

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