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Any specific T&Cs in relation to individual services acquired from Gorilla Drones Ltd will be listed within engagement materials as appropriate; additionally the following T&Cs apply, unless otherwise stated

We do like to try and keep this fairly easy to read, as it is boring enough let's face it; we can provide a legalese version of our T&Cs if required, please just ask!


Ultimately, Gorilla Drones Ltd will decide if an operation can be completed safely following a risk assessment. If risks are known to client and a site/set visit has been made, a fee will be chargeable to client if the operation(s) cannot go ahead due to said 'known risks'; under no circumstances will operations be made that could cause injury to anyone, especially those not involved in the operation taking place


Gorilla Drones Ltd remain the sole copyright owner of all materials generated unless otherwise agreed; a 'standard' royalty free, non-exclusive copyright usage license is issued to each delivered piece of imagery to clients for online use only; imagery can be purchased for exclusive use, or outside these terms, such as for TV broadcast - please advise of this prior to engagement commencing.

For any broadcast & film imagery, credit should be made to 'Gorilla Drones Ltd'

All materials generated are for the sole purpose of Gorilla Drones' direct client and are not for resale purposes in any way by client, or used for reproduction by client or 3rd parties in any way, unless previously agreed; any reproduction or resale can be procured via way of a (single or multiple) usage license, agreed with Gorilla Drones Ltd

Any material - photograph or film - individual stills or clips - full production or otherwise used without prior consent, on any platform, including but not limited to, social media and physical printing, is strictly prohibited; any unauthorised usage will result in a take-down and legal proceedings which could lead to prosecution under Copyright Law, if a minimum fee of £500/image or £2000 per minute of video is not paid immediately to Gorilla Drones Ltd when invoiced to said person, company or organisation etc.


Gorilla Drones Ltd love assisting other companies to enhance their own offerings to their clients. Don't worry - your client won't even know we're not from your company if you don't want them to, we'll even wear your workwear and use an email address as provided by yourselves if you want us to!

Sometimes we need a helping hand too - we're super busy and need to ensure we continue to deliver amazing data and content for our clients. We'll supply you with all the necessary to ensure a smooth service to our client and we request you attend site and interact with our client as if you're part of the Gorilla Drones crew. Whether you're contracting for us, or we are for you, Copyright ownership of any material generated belongs to Gorilla Drones Ltd unless agreed otherwise. Please note, our work van is heavily decorated with our logo and branding; and if you'd like us not to use this whilst representing your company, let us know and we'll sort out some alternative wheels for the job


All digital materials will be transferred electronically to client and held in storage for 12 months. Retrieval of digital materials can be requested FOC for 3 months following engagement; an administration charge may be required to retrieve after this time frame

Long-life digital material storage (>12 months) can be agreed, please contact us for further information

If client wishes data to be transferred by hardware medium such as a USB flash drive, this can be arranged but may attract an additional fee dependant upon medium, postage, etc.


If client is advised that operations are likely to be disturbed by external factors beyond Gorilla Drones' control (such as weather, but not limited to) and site/set visit is requested by client, yet imagery is not collected due to said factors, a fee of up-to 100% may still be chargeable to client


We accept BACS transfers or all major credit cards, via Stripe merchant services (additional charge may be required for credit payments)

Standard 28 days payment unless previously agreed, and we may request a deposit payment upfront depending on booking requirements

Any materials generated will only be released at a low-resolution with heavy watermarks, or sample data acquired will be delivered, until payment has fully cleared

Overdue Invoices will incur interest at statutory percentage above Bank of England base rate and shall accrue daily until full payment is received; additionally £150 'administration' fee will be charged for each 'Invoice reminder' sent

Any travel expenditure provided on quotes is an estimate based from online resources; actual invoiced amount may be different to quoted amount and reflects 'actual expenditure' to complete booking


We are extremely flexible and if you need to reschedule your booking, we only ask that you let us know as soon as possible, so we can release date(s) for other clients; please do take note of the following cancellation periods;

Cancellations of bookings can be made within 72 hrs notice​ ahead of said booking without charges being incurred by client

Once a booking is confirmed by client, Gorilla Drones Ltd will not engage with a further client for the given date/time of booking, so cancellations <72 hrs may incur up-to a 50% cost of charge of the booking, to cover any costs incurred leading up to said booking (emails/calls/permissions requested etc.)

There can be no part-cancellations on any engagements; i.e client books 1 day filming and changes to 1/2 day filming, the initial 1 day filming will be the chargeable amount due


Client​ will indemnify Gorilla Drones Ltd for any loss, damage, proceedings or costs where any rights, model releases and/or consents have not been obtained by client where it was necessary to do so, and in which individuals, names, trademarks or registered companies etc. have been recorded in good faith by Gorilla Drones Ltd, under the proviso that said consents, releases etc. had been obtained by client


If you've found your way to this page by mistake, we're very sorry ... use one of the above links to somewhere more interesting!

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