Note, if your particular requirement does not fit in to the listed services, please contact us as each operation is approached as an individual, bespoke case regardless

You can book us by the hour (minimum 2hrs) or for a full day and discounts can be discussed for longer duration projects or repeatable operations; please feel free to contact us for latest pricing information

and T&Cs can be found here



Years of experience with qualified training from a UK NQE/RAE

to International standards (I)DPS


Fully insured up to £10m for any type of operation & meeting regulation (EC) 785/2004


Day & Night Flight operations; indoors & outdoors; Cinematography; FPV & Thermal UASs & UAVs (aka Drones or RPAS)

Fully endorsed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority with an Operational Authorisation and A2CofC



Filming from both the air and ground enables clients to have the best of both worlds. With a full production in-house service available, we can deliver anything from single raw clips, to usable media ready to post on social media or website etc.

First Person View (FPV) drone videography is fast becoming a must-have to 'stop the scroll' of potential clients; an extremely immersive output which can be used indoor as well as out.

We have a variety of drones and camera payloads to ensure whatever you're needs are, we can cater for them.

We shoot ground based footage mainly on Panasonic Lumix full frame gear


We offer the following (but not limited to) services within this space;

Demolition Site Management Services,

inc. thermal imaging

Construction Site Mapping

Live Site View

Site Inspections

Progress Reporting

Time lapse capture

Length & Area Measurements

Stockpile Reporting

Cut & Fill Measurements

Panorama image of demolition site


Additionally to photography & filming

services, we are able to offer the following,

which are UAS data acquisition & artificial intelligence driven. Contact directly for more information;

Traffic Analysis (to aid with modelling, analytics & more)

Sports Analysis (to aid with tactical training)

Drone Detection & C-UAS (to aid with overall security airspace awareness)


We offer data capture for the following (but not limited to) services within this space;

Dilapidation Survey & Condition report imagery

Structural Surveying

Emergency roof inspections

Insurance dispute or claims

Roof mapping (report generation; raw data

output & DXF file for CAD tools); example report available on request

Roof Survey inspection image


Did we mention we can provide professional photography too?

Additionally to our filming capabilities, we offer photography services, both from the air & ground to capture your product, service offering, or venue

We know our resolution from our aspect ratio; focus stacking from bracketed HDR and how to produce a 150-200 megapixel photograph from a drone for large physical print  ... oh and we offer a huge array of post processing services too




Excellent for Businesses

with large estates or

attractions to show facilities

or just how amazing

the location is!

Example shown is a customer's

 Confetti field

(Tap/Click image & drag to look around;

best displayed full screen if on mobile)


We offer the following (but not limited to) services within this space;

Marketing & Sales Services for;

Estate Agencies

Property Owners (for own sales usage)

Commercial Units/Premises

Landscape photo for property and sales services
Agriculture plant health map image



We offer the following (but not limited to) services within this space;

Crop Analysis packages

Land Reporting

Example shown displays 2D ortho; plant health and elevation of a customer's field

2D & 3D


We offer the following (but not limited to) services within this space;

Property & Land Modelling

2D Modelling

3D Modelling

3D model image of church
Background image for 'about us' explaining history and what we do


Gorilla Drones LTD was established to provide companies exceptional professional services centered around Aerial Photography and Video/Filming, utilising unmanned vehicles (drone systems); we now offer additional ground based and specialist imagery collection and processing services too!

Using our experienced and skilled crew, as well as post-capture processing, we provide our clients with amazing photos and film for their social media and marketing requirements, ensuring it fits within their brand and brief, as well as clear and accurate imagery where needed

We provide services to both the commercial & private sectors, from property, product and attraction marketing & showcasing, utilising both traditional and first person view (FPV) aircraft, to land & property surveying, to multiple inspection services. We provide services to demolition and construction companies, along with developers, to aid with project progression reporting and communications, as well as onsite decision making and safety enforcement. We can send our equipment where you cannot send a human, for example into hazardous environments and we can be used for pretty much any operation that would involve expensive and time consuming traditional surveying & scouting methods, such as cherry pickers and scaffolding or "boots on the ground” tasks; we can even provide farmers and agronomists, agriculture based services for field and plant review, plus general farm site management


Please see some of our services below for more details, however if your operation sits outside these off the shelf services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and being based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we are perfectly placed no matter where you project is located

We are easy to engage with and set extremely high standards to ensure that whilst the operation takes place to gather the required photographic dataset for your project needs, safety to you and your assets are kept right at the top of the priority list

Fully insured to requirement of (EC) 785/2004 and fully endorsed by the CAA with an Operational Authorisation (#UAS6994) to operate commercially within the 'Specific Category' and with an A2 Certificate of Competency (A2CofC) within the 'Open Category), we provide powerful drone imagery and services with safe hands; we additionally have an extended network of operators, which can cater for work that may need extended 'Operational Safety Case' (OSC) exemptions


Initial Requirement Caputre, followed by Planning & Risk Assessment phase

Site Arrival & Data Capture phase

Optional Post Processing phase

Delivery of Data & Review phase

Ensure to ask these questions of your aerial photographer before you embark on an operation:

Are they fully insured? - ask to see their proof of insurance & ensure regulation (EC) 785/2004 is included

Ask if they hold a valid Permission for Commercial Operation or General VLoS Certificate (an Operational Authorisation) & ask to see their PfCO/GVC operational authorisation document from the Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA); ours can be viewed upon request, just ask!

Engaging us is super easy, get in touch and talk to Gorilla Drones LTD for all your aerial photography & filming requirements; we'd love to hear from you. Schedule a consultation and learn more about what we do today and see additional information here as to what types of services we can offer. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands enables us to be flexible enough to travel to wherever your project is located



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