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Operating Unmanned Vehicles during #COVID-19 #Coronavirus — We are Still Operational & Ready

With the advent of #COVID-19 #Coronavirus, we thought we we'd provide an update as to how we are currently adapting to the new landscape we find ourselves within.

We have been updating our operational procedures to cater for additional checks and process we feel is necessary during this time; to protect clients, ourselves, general public and our kit; and we are still currently able to operate 'as normal'.

Ironically, operating an unmanned vehicle (#UAV) naturally means that separation requirements are something we have to deal with day and out for safety purposes. It is just the nature of the job, ensuring we avoid close proximity to other people, sometimes for long periods of time, to operate safely.

So the main changes at the moment for us is around project planning stages. We ordinarily meet face to face to discuss requirements, however we are happy to use video conferencing calls via our Google Hangouts account or a Skype session if clients are happy to do so.

If you are unable to visit your sites (#construction, #demolition, #agriculture, etc) due to staff unavailability/being under resourced and need imagery to review progress or report on specifics, we can help.

Additionally to our normal clients, we are extending our reach out to other #Drone operators and #Media #Production companies at this time -- if you have a current project that you cannot fulfil due to self isolation or need backfill, please get in touch to see how we may be able to help you provide your service to your end client.

Lastly, we are also almost always available to chat to via our live chat session via our website, so if there's anything you need to know, or would like to run something past us to see if it is still viable in these new times we find ourselves, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Take care all.



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